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Monte Palace / Abandoned Hotel / Azores

I went to Azores for a holiday couple of weeks ago.

Last day I was there, I rented a scooter and drove around a bit in the mountains of the island. The later part of my day I ran into this abandoned hotel, hotel Monte Palace.

Opened in 1986, the hotel must’ve been an unbelievably beautiful place to stay. The scenery was totally mind boggling. In the middle of a mountain. You could see the Atlantic from both sides of the hotel and the Twin Lakes were just underneath the hotel on the right side. Just… amazing.

The hotel’s said to often be under heavy clouds, but the day I visited it, it as was sunny as it could ever be. Took a few pictures and enjoyed the beautiful decay of something that sometime in the past was luxury.
“Along a quiet mountain road in The Azores is an abandoned hotel called Monte Palace. It was built just over 2 decades ago as a five star luxury hotel. Unfortunately no one visited it due to its extreme price and it was just abandoned very soon after.

20 years later it is over grown and seemingly deserted.”

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Under the Hammer: Clowny Clown Clowns…

Clowny clown clowns

I am still working on some clowns. They are going to be pretty freaky. I think I’ll make a wallpaper out of them. Groovy.

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Under the Hammer: Clowns

Clowny clown clowns

I am working on some clowns at the moments. Clowns inspire me.

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