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“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”


I did this wall painting couple of weeks back. It is next to Wanha Kauppahalli, in Helsinki. It’s 6m x 2,4m. I did it with spray paint and a stencil. There’s about 1900 little 5cm x 5cm color pieces in the painting. Name of the painting is “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, a Blade Runner nod.

Wanha Kauppahalli is being renovated at the moment, it’s packaged. You can go check it out if you want. There’s also about 20 other wall paintings there.

I love to paint. This piece was particularly fun to do because I haven’t really spray painted or used a stencil at all. All new for me. I intended the characters to be robots at first, but when they started looking like space invaders, I just went ahead and continued on that path.

This was part of Knitted City, a Multicoloured Dreams project. http://mcdreams.wordpress.com/

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My Furry Animal Installation in the Middle of Helsinki

Wow, it’s been quite quiet on this front recently. I blame my new day job. I work at Rovio now, as a senior graphic designer. Have been for four months now.

Recently I’ve been involved with Napa Illustrations agency’s book Yellow City – Illustrated Stories from Helsinki. In the book the agency’s illustrations illustrate stories from Helsinki, written by Finnish authors. My story’s author was Maria Candia, a science fiction writer extraordinaire.

In the story Maria wrote there’s an alternative universe in which Kamppi shopping center doesn’t exist. Instead there’s a huge pit in the ground in where Köpöttis, these strange furry creatures, live.

Now the story comes to life. My installation is now in Kamppi shopping center. As you can see from the pictures the big boys are made from cardboard and tulle. Whole lot of stapling and voila, the installation is ready.

Well, not quite. It took so much time I couldn’t even imagine half of it. There was usually 3 people working on it, for 2-3 weeks mostly in the evening time, after day jobs. The gluing of the balls alone took quite a lot of time since every ball is made of ten long pieces that had to be glue together.

Luckily there was a lot of capable people working on the thingies from start to finish. I couldn’t have pulled this one off on my own. So, big, big thank you to Johanna, Marjo, Iiro, Maiju, Mia.

The Köpötti’s, as they are called in the short story, are now in Kamppi. Go check them out if you’re around. Kamppi representatives said they are the first ever art installation in Kamppi shopping center. I’m quite proud of that!

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Kuvita!-Festival / Wondrous Sea

Last weekend I was painting a big painting in Kuvita!-festival. The festival was first of its kind in nordic countries and was held In Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland.

It was way more fun than what I anticipated. I haven’t painted too much. Not recently at least. Maybe during my school years, but that’s more than seven years ago.

I got invited to do the painting by Satu Kettunen, an organizer of the The Multicolored Dreams -movement here in Finland. What is The Multicolored dreams you ask? The Multicoloured Dreams (MCD) was created by three artists in Helsinki on summer 2010. Its aims are as well increasing the amount of art and culture on the streets of Helsinki as encouraging everybody to participate in creative action in the common space. More info about it here: http://mcdreams.wordpress.com/

The festival was kind of a small universe of Finnish illustration and illustrators, guru’s and newcomer’s, even a Swedish guest was accepted to speak, ha. http://www.karlgrandin.com/

We illustrated a poem by Finnish poet Edith Södergran. It’s called Wondrous Sea. Here it is in Finnish: http://fi.wikisource.org/wiki/Ihmeellinen_meri Very inspiring poem.

The size of the painting was 250 cm x 207 cm. We painted on a MDF-board with non-toxic Uula-paint.

And as it happens, when a lot of things, well, almost everything goes right, something needs to go horribly wrong. This time it was documenting the whole event. I trusted my camera too much and the automatic option let me down. I think it was the lighting or the lack of it, and also the fact that I should’ve learn how to use my camera in a situation like that. That would’ve most likely save me the trouble of cursing myself to the ground after I started downloading the pics to my computer.

Luckily there was some good pictures there too.

Bottom line is: I need to paint more. It’s fun.

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Summing up the year 2011, pt. 2. Little bit of painting, other outdoor stuff, festival and t-shirt graphics, funny little things like that.

^ Muutakin

JCDeacaux had a campaign here in Finland, where they ask people what they want to see on the streets. I was one of the four professional illustrators that took part of the campaign. I wanted to see “Tolerance, peace and brotherhood.”

I chose Mini Moog synthesizer and Gibson SG, the legendary rock guitar, to be the characters, since the poster was first up in the Flow Festival, in Helsinki. The festival is known to bring a lot of indie rockers and electronic music fans under the same lovely music-roof during a weekend. So that’s why the brotherhood.

^ Teuvo – Maanteiden Kuningas

This illustration was a t-shirt design made for an up and coming Finnish ad agency. They had an idea of making t-shirts out of legendary Finnish rock songs. I chose Teuvo – Maanteiden Kuningas, Teuvo – King of the Road.

Teuvo – Maanteiden Kuningas is a song by Leevi and the Leavings, a famous 80-90’s Finnish rock band. It tells a story of a young man who wrecks several cars within the course of the song and Finally wakes up from the final crash, crying and spitting blood.

The car is in the picture and also the writer of the song, heavily bearded Finnish guy, the leader of Leevi and the Leavings, now passed, Göstä Sundqvist.

^Animatricks Animation Festival 2011

Graphics for Finnish animation festival. Done in collaboration with Sami Viljanto. We designed and made the characters, took the pictures, did all of the marketing material, posters, postcards, catalog and such. Working with Hama-pearls was fun.

^Animatricks Window Painting

In the middle of Helsinki during the Animatricks animation festival there was an animation doll exhibition. I did the painting to the window.

^Peace / Multicoloured Dreams

In the summer I painted a 2 x 2 m wall painting right behind the Helsinki Music Center. The theme was Peace and the painting was part of a Multicoloured Dreams -project. (http://mcdreams.wordpress.com/)

I had an idea of painting a painting about peace in a city in an indigenous, urban totem style.

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Morning report from Punxutawney

It’s +10°c here in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland and I’ve slept 6 hours. I haven’t drank my morning coffee yet, because I don’t drink nor do I believe in coffee. I’ve read a little bit of art history this morning. The roots of seventeenth century flower painting.

Close my eyes and hope that it’s / A real smooth flight / This time


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