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Albums / 2011

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Tao Of The Dead

Rock album of the year. Just as you think they can’t get any more massive, any further, more vast, more adventurous, they come out with an album like this. An ocean of stories, denotations and culture to dive into.

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy

Annie Clark, the next the bobdylan, sufjan, macca, only smarter, handsomer, better sounding and slightly more awesome. The songs get better and better, though I still love Marry Me. Her songs are like trip, more luscious versions of anything Joni Mitchell has ever composed, as trippy as Magical Mystery Tour or as strange and intriguing as Pet Sounds. Album of the year.

Junior Boys – It’s All True

Good, tiny, electronic album from Canada. The Tavastia gig was also one of the best ones this year.

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

This album came out a year ago, just before the year changed, but Spotify seems to give it the year 2011, so it made the list. The record is awesome. Maybe not as great as Machine Dreams, but still great beyond a lot of albums this year.

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Best “soft rock” album of the year. Beautiful melodies, moods and songs. You really don’t need much more.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Wolfroy Goes To Town

It’s Will Oldham. That’s about it. I really hope next year’s new Bonnie & Matt Sweeney -album is going to be as good as Superwolf-masterpiece.

Jamie Woon – Mirrorwriting

James Blake – James Blake

These albums, like brothers, are eery, moody, interesting compilation of songs. Blake found a sound on his first long play, clearly. Woon made a great, great album, but the live performances have yet to reach its level. Blake on the other hand wiped the floor other performers at Flow 2011 -festival.

Com Truise – Galactic Melt

Neon Indian – Era Extran̂a

Toro Y Moi – Freaking Out

Siriusmo – Mosaik

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Interesting year for electronic albums. Electric and electric, I don’t know, but hey, they have good songs in them. Interesting melodies.


The 90’s alternative revival. Yuck lost and Mazes won.

Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Two very solid rock albums. Foo Fighters’ gig in Finland was one of the year’s highlights.

Hexvessel – Dawnbearer

Very peculiar and strange mood in this one. Death folk? Swamp rock? Occult acoustic? Give it a listen, I bet it’ll challenge you in a way you didn’t think was possible

Paul Simon – So Beautiful Or So What

Simon’s at it somewhat in the spirit of his masterpiece Graceland. Works well, it’s easy to feel the recording session’s easygoing experimental atmosphere.

M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

Good songs. What else do you need? Anthony Gonzalez has decided to start composing and not only doing anthems for the alternative emo’s.

The Shit of 2011:


Gerry Rafferty died

Columbo died

the Big Man, Clarence Clemeons, died

Gil Scott Heron died

Pete Postlewaithe died

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Morning report from Punxutawney

It’s +10°c here in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland and I’ve slept 6 hours. I haven’t drank my morning coffee yet, because I don’t drink nor do I believe in coffee. I’ve read a little bit of art history this morning. The roots of seventeenth century flower painting.

Close my eyes and hope that it’s / A real smooth flight / This time


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