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Kuvita!-Festival / Wondrous Sea

Last weekend I was painting a big painting in Kuvita!-festival. The festival was first of its kind in nordic countries and was held In Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland.

It was way more fun than what I anticipated. I haven’t painted too much. Not recently at least. Maybe during my school years, but that’s more than seven years ago.

I got invited to do the painting by Satu Kettunen, an organizer of the The Multicolored Dreams -movement here in Finland. What is The Multicolored dreams you ask? The Multicoloured Dreams (MCD) was created by three artists in Helsinki on summer 2010. Its aims are as well increasing the amount of art and culture on the streets of Helsinki as encouraging everybody to participate in creative action in the common space. More info about it here: http://mcdreams.wordpress.com/

The festival was kind of a small universe of Finnish illustration and illustrators, guru’s and newcomer’s, even a Swedish guest was accepted to speak, ha. http://www.karlgrandin.com/

We illustrated a poem by Finnish poet Edith Södergran. It’s called Wondrous Sea. Here it is in Finnish: http://fi.wikisource.org/wiki/Ihmeellinen_meri Very inspiring poem.

The size of the painting was 250 cm x 207 cm. We painted on a MDF-board with non-toxic Uula-paint.

And as it happens, when a lot of things, well, almost everything goes right, something needs to go horribly wrong. This time it was documenting the whole event. I trusted my camera too much and the automatic option let me down. I think it was the lighting or the lack of it, and also the fact that I should’ve learn how to use my camera in a situation like that. That would’ve most likely save me the trouble of cursing myself to the ground after I started downloading the pics to my computer.

Luckily there was some good pictures there too.

Bottom line is: I need to paint more. It’s fun.

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So Divided, now printed!

^ Wow! There it is! My “So Divided”-illustration printed in Antwerp. I’m so proud!
Shape/Shift-exhibition is now up and pretty in Antwerp, Designcenter de Winkelhaak. Go check it out if you are stopping by in Belgium any time soon. The exhibition is part of the Fiend Projects Art Festival. The festival schedule looks like this:

– Opening Day: Saturday 7th January (2pm – 6pm)

– Stencil Workshop: Thurs 12th (2pm – 6pm)

– Live Painting (Amatic/Hikups more artists TBC):
Fri 13th (10am – 6pm)

– Sketch Art Festival: Sat 14th (2pm – 6pm)

– Inkygoodness presents ‘Shape/Shift’ Print Exhibition: Sat 14th (opening day 2pm – 6pm) (featuring Toy Factory (BE), Hattie Stewart (UK), Muxxi (GU), Kris Jones (UK), El Tobe (UK), Johnnie Weilliang Hoek (NL), Luke Brookes (UK), Piktorama (VE), Brucey Art (UK), Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan (UK), Laura Berger (USA), Ossi Pirkonen (FI), E.W. Thomason (USA), Gordon Reid/Middleboop (UK), Jan Werkt (BE), Manuel Regalado (GU), Michelle Turton (UK), Lisa Hassell (UK) & many more!)

– Block Printing Workshop: Thursday 19th (2pm – 6pm)

– Lastplak Live Painting: Fri 20th (10am – 6pm)

– Mesh Print Club, Print Workshop: Sat 21st (2pm – 6pm)

– Artist Talks and Short Film Selection (Bram de Ceurt/Jorrit Spoelstra): Thurs 26th (3pm – 6pm)

– Street Market: Fri 27th (10am – 5pm)

– David Shillinglaw Live Painting: Fri 27th (2pm – 6pm)(after party at Bar Nadar 8pm – 2am)

– Closing Day: Saturday 28th January (2pm – 6pm)

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