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Scottish Hipster Octopus Taking a Selfie


Scottish Hipster Octodude

Done for the Pictoplasma character selfie exhibition in 2014. Part of their 10th anniversary exhibition in Berlin. More selfies (by some other great people) here:

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Hey guys! If you want to follow me on Instagram and never knew how that wonderful thing was possible, well, now you do!

My instagram name is Ossyhello. Just go ahead and follow me if you like! There’s quite a lot of small and pretty comics I’ve made in recent weeks. They just kept on popping up.

Anyways, have a nice day!

I went to the Fontwalk the other day. Cool beans! I was wishing a bit more of hard history facts, but other than that the walk is something I can definitely recommend. Go, enjoy!

Napa Galleria

Cities are full of visual stories. Signs and symbols, letters and numbers – their main purpose is functional, to give information. What if we looked at them from another angle: as something that, in addition to being informative, can be aesthetically pleasing or tell an interesting story?

Fontwalk is an independently taken stroll up and down the streets of Kamppi, pointing out details and exploring the visual role of graphic design in the streetscape. The route takes approximately 45 minutes to walk and is based on a map distributed free of charge at Napa Gallery. Thirty-one destinations illustrate the past and present of typography and graphic design, and also offer a glimpse of the micro history of the area.

The map is designed by graphic designer Camilla Pentti together with Napa Gallery and will be available at Napa Gallery from April 26, until the edition runs out.

With Fontwalk Napa Gallery wishes…

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Monte Palace / Abandoned Hotel / Azores

I went to Azores for a holiday couple of weeks ago.

Last day I was there, I rented a scooter and drove around a bit in the mountains of the island. The later part of my day I ran into this abandoned hotel, hotel Monte Palace.

Opened in 1986, the hotel must’ve been an unbelievably beautiful place to stay. The scenery was totally mind boggling. In the middle of a mountain. You could see the Atlantic from both sides of the hotel and the Twin Lakes were just underneath the hotel on the right side. Just… amazing.

The hotel’s said to often be under heavy clouds, but the day I visited it, it as was sunny as it could ever be. Took a few pictures and enjoyed the beautiful decay of something that sometime in the past was luxury.
“Along a quiet mountain road in The Azores is an abandoned hotel called Monte Palace. It was built just over 2 decades ago as a five star luxury hotel. Unfortunately no one visited it due to its extreme price and it was just abandoned very soon after.

20 years later it is over grown and seemingly deserted.”

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Frog Mountain

It’s the Frog Mountain, far away in the middle of a vast ocean, on a lonely island. The one who enters, shall never leave and must abandon all hope!

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Holiday Doodles

Duudles-A-Hoy!! Little something I did on my vacation week in Azores. Enjoy. ©

Siemens Animation / Anima Boutique

I was a piece of a bigger puzzle designing this animation for Siemens last Autumn. I was involved in creating the overall look of the film as well as the characters. I worked with the good people of Anima Boutique.

From Anima Boutique’s website:

“Siemens infosec

Siemens needed an educational animation about information security. Animated short films was a fresh approach, since most of the other infosec material out there seems to be a bit boring and old-fashioned.

All together, we produced 12 short scenes about Bob, a hard-working Siemens employee, who encounters different safety hazards. The scenes take place at the office, the lobby, the meeting rooms and the airport. No doubt, Bob solves them with common sense and outsmarts the burglars!

We hope that the character animation to makes the message easy to understand and fun to watch. For you good people online, we share the airport scenes. For the rest of the exclusive animated material, you’ll just need to get a job with Siemens.

Client Siemens
Producer Jari Lähteinen
Design Ossi Pirkonen
Animation Mari Hotti/Kiira Kalliomäki
Sounds Anne Tolkkinen

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Wantlet Squirrel

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A while ago I was contacted by the folks of Wantlet. They kindly asked me to design a character for them and their product. We came to the conclusion, that best representation for their product would be a perky squirrel. Here’s the result. Squirrel in a couple of different poses.


Had to make an inventory of the characters I’ve design for the children’s music albums. Quite a lot of bobbleheads, I’d say. Impressive amount characters, some of which I’m actually still proud of and pleased with. And this is not even the whole bunch. Tho there’s a majority of the elements / characters on the picture.

Also kind of fun to see these guys on the same page. At same time.

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