Siemens Animation / Anima Boutique

I was a piece of a bigger puzzle designing this animation for Siemens last Autumn. I was involved in creating the overall look of the film as well as the characters. I worked with the good people of Anima Boutique.

From Anima Boutique’s website:

“Siemens infosec

Siemens needed an educational animation about information security. Animated short films was a fresh approach, since most of the other infosec material out there seems to be a bit boring and old-fashioned.

All together, we produced 12 short scenes about Bob, a hard-working Siemens employee, who encounters different safety hazards. The scenes take place at the office, the lobby, the meeting rooms and the airport. No doubt, Bob solves them with common sense and outsmarts the burglars!

We hope that the character animation to makes the message easy to understand and fun to watch. For you good people online, we share the airport scenes. For the rest of the exclusive animated material, you’ll just need to get a job with Siemens.

Client Siemens
Producer Jari Lähteinen
Design Ossi Pirkonen
Animation Mari Hotti/Kiira Kalliomäki
Sounds Anne Tolkkinen

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