So Divided, now printed!

^ Wow! There it is! My “So Divided”-illustration printed in Antwerp. I’m so proud!
Shape/Shift-exhibition is now up and pretty in Antwerp, Designcenter de Winkelhaak. Go check it out if you are stopping by in Belgium any time soon. The exhibition is part of the Fiend Projects Art Festival. The festival schedule looks like this:

– Opening Day: Saturday 7th January (2pm – 6pm)

– Stencil Workshop: Thurs 12th (2pm – 6pm)

– Live Painting (Amatic/Hikups more artists TBC):
Fri 13th (10am – 6pm)

– Sketch Art Festival: Sat 14th (2pm – 6pm)

– Inkygoodness presents ‘Shape/Shift’ Print Exhibition: Sat 14th (opening day 2pm – 6pm) (featuring Toy Factory (BE), Hattie Stewart (UK), Muxxi (GU), Kris Jones (UK), El Tobe (UK), Johnnie Weilliang Hoek (NL), Luke Brookes (UK), Piktorama (VE), Brucey Art (UK), Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan (UK), Laura Berger (USA), Ossi Pirkonen (FI), E.W. Thomason (USA), Gordon Reid/Middleboop (UK), Jan Werkt (BE), Manuel Regalado (GU), Michelle Turton (UK), Lisa Hassell (UK) & many more!)

– Block Printing Workshop: Thursday 19th (2pm – 6pm)

– Lastplak Live Painting: Fri 20th (10am – 6pm)

– Mesh Print Club, Print Workshop: Sat 21st (2pm – 6pm)

– Artist Talks and Short Film Selection (Bram de Ceurt/Jorrit Spoelstra): Thurs 26th (3pm – 6pm)

– Street Market: Fri 27th (10am – 5pm)

– David Shillinglaw Live Painting: Fri 27th (2pm – 6pm)(after party at Bar Nadar 8pm – 2am)

– Closing Day: Saturday 28th January (2pm – 6pm)

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