Shape/Shift / So Divided

Awesome January news! I was approached by Lisa and the folks of Inkygoodness. They are a good bunch of creative people, organizers of quality art events.

Inkygoodness is putting up a show, Fiend Projects, to the Designcenter de Winkelhaak in Antwerp and they asked me to be one of the featured artists. I was honored to participate. There’s 25 artists (including me) taking part of the exhibition.

The theme is Shape/Shift.

“A being who has the ability to change its shape into that of another person, creature, or other entity or finds its shape involuntarily changed by someone else.”

I decided to do a character, a being, that is in the process of being morphed. There’s an entity of maybe a bit more evil character growing out of the main character. The main character is sitting while the darker bubbly guy is trying to make itself some arms and legs and start living on its own.

Earlier Inkygoodness has been collaborating with Pictoplasma, McBess, Muxxi and other great artists.

Oh, and one more thing, as my main man Columbo would say. This was made with Adobe Illustrator (and with Photoshop). I havent really used Illustrator before, but now I’m determined to make it my friend, by force.

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