Scampd is a website dedicated to the commercial illustration, illustration in advertising. The amount of talent that is used by advertising world every year has a voice of it’s own. And it’s good to find a place that is appreciating the somewhat hidden talent.

In their own words:

For a time, we silently bore witness as advertising award shows and design annuals killed off their once glorious illustration categories. But enough is enough, and we have decided to do something about it.

Named after the humble Scamp, a rough sketch sometimes supplied at the start of an illustration assignment, Scampd exists to celebrate the rich, diverse, and criminally underused art of illustration in advertising and design.

Art Directors, Designers, and Illustrators across the globe are warmly invited to submit work to be published on Scampd. It’s simple! Just send us screen-resolution images of the finished artwork along with the credits to If the artwork passes our stringent requirements it goes up. You get the credit and glory and sleep soundly, knowing that all is right in the world.

Scampd can only exist with your contributions, so no matter what side of the creative fence you are on, please get in touch! Should we generate a captive audience through the site, we hope to add further features, such as articles, annual awards, and private jets. So show us what you’ve got!

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